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You're sick and tired of feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, and submerged in the busyness of life. You want to navigate an authentic life with clarity, certainty, and a renewed sense of purpose and joy.

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Don’t let another day go by that you will never get back! 

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Our secret ingredient to lasting change. The Journey Fuel Change Formula is a personalized approach that integrates strategic planning, change management, and self-development, ensuring your journey is not just impactful but also uniquely tailored to you.

The Journey Fuel Change Formula

You want an authentic life with more clarity, certainty, and a renewed sense of purpose and joy!

You feel frustrated and you’re sick of waking up with dread in the morning. 

Your attempts are "kinda" working, but just aren’t getting the results you desire.

You don’t have a proven framework to guide you to creating a life you love waking up to.

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Your path to a life you love!

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Stacy cut her teeth consulting with PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young, in multi-million-dollar deals, helping leading organizations turn their visions and intentions into realities and results.

That incredible background makes her exceptionally capable and light years ahead of most performance consultants and “coaches” when it comes to helping YOU create the real breakthrough results you’re looking for.

I’ve worked with Stacy personally, and she can absolutely provide you with the mindset and tools to start living your dreams today!

Best-selling Author, Lifestyle & Turnaround Coach

Chris Howard

I love working with Stacy! She is not only fun and upbeat, but also has the uncanny ability to laser focus right to the core of the next best action for progress.

She provides accountability, which is a game changer!

It is so obvious that Stacy has seen it all, and helped so many people through so many different situations, even me!

SO entertaining and effective!

Thank you Stacy!


Evette Murphy

What Stacy shares with us is practical, implementable - things that we can do to get to what matters most and make it happen. So now I can have my life based on that - FINALLY! 

I've lost 51 pounds - my weight is the lowest since 1987! Her spirit and excitement for what she shares is real.

I would very much encourage you to listen to what she says and apply it to yourself ...

... it actually will create results.

Philanthropist & Retired Executive Assistant

Susan Stebner

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Raving fans ...

I'm the founder and CEO of Journey Fuel, and your Life Fulfillment Strategist. 

Corporate professionals hire me to help them advance their careers and have the quality of life they crave without having to choose one over the other, because they are sick and tired of constant stress, maxed out days, and sacrificing their personal lives to achieve success at work.

So, I help them have both the career success and happy, healthy, and meaningful personal lives they desire. And I look forward to helping you do the same!

Hi, I'm Stacy