Success Stories

I was at the point of feeling just complete overwhelm and just too much business ...

With Stacy, I'm moving forward in a really beautiful congruent way to who I want to be long term ... what my life really means to me.

It was really clear that [Stacy] is an expert and she knows her stuff.

So, if getting your life right is important to you … then ... Stacy's is the program for you.

Shelly Barber

Business Owner

Psychospiritual Therapist

Anne Carbone

You will be amazed at how much you can get out of Stacy's teaching and guidance and wisdom.

She has incredible exercises. I do psychotherapy work ... and a lot of experiential exercises and, as a professional I can say, these are top notch! You can really take this away as I have and utilize it every day to tap into all of your values.

The system that she designed … gave us invaluable information about how to really look at the way that we manage our time, our schedule, our to do lists.

She is dynamite and I feel very blessed to have had that time with her and I know that you will have a great time with her. 

I joined Stacy's program when I was just going through a lot of transitions in my life, feeling very overwhelmed

This program was perfect for me because I needed to get clear on my heart's desires and my values and my future plans and goals.

Stacy really helped me get clear on my core values and we created a roadmap for my life that I actually want to live, not what people around me have told me that I should live. I'm forever grateful for that … she gave me confidence and resources and the tools and coaching to help me move forward in my life with confidence.

Jenna Park

Life coach

Stacy is unique and special. I recommend her programs highly to anybody who wants to get more out of life!

You won't find a systematic program that will help you live your life fully like it!

If you want to live your most beautiful life, a life based on your heart's desires and what you want most then I highly recommend Stacy. She will transform your life as she has mine!”

Life Coach

Ed Green

Stacy's workshop was illuminating. I gained both some clarity of purpose and practical tools for putting that clarity to work empowering my goals.

Stacy combined a wealth of knowledge and experience with her very personable and approachable style to deliver an experience that has the potential to positively, and significantly change your life.

Bob Scoggin, Jr.

Transformational Life Coach